Pictures from Harry's collection.
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Harry and Libuse and Paul, Harry had an allergic reaction to the alcohol he had consumed, his eyes were a bit puffed up.













Dennis Bagshaw takes a pre-race break. Horice 2007


















Joan and Peter Kean - note crate of empties under table - Harry and I contributed to that. Horice 2007

Dennis raises a wry smile, his "unbreakable" magneto is duff. We tried getting a replacement sent to us in the Czech Republic from England but the manufacturer wouldn't play ball. Thanks BTH. Horice 2007

















Peter's wondering if they'd miss the Phase One bike for one race. Horice 2007

Peter Kean waits for the call to the start line. Horice 2007




Peter Kean receives first place trophy - Horice 2007










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